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Marta Gonzalez is currently Senior Advisor for the International Gas Union in the Public Affairs Directorate. She has been in this position since last June, under the Agreement with Repsol, where previously Marta has served as Trading and Optimization Manager. Since her graduation with a Bachelor of Chemistry, she has been linked to the energy sector. With almost 20 years of experience in the global energy markets, her focus is on origination, trading, regulatory affairs and strategic communication.

Marta is that kind of manager with a unique ability to carry on learning day after day. She was in charge of different teams throughout her professional career. It is a pleasure to outline her expertise in negotiating different commodities (Gas, Coal, petcoke, ammonia, GdOs, etc). In addition to that, Marta has represented the interests of the companies serving on several committees, from Power Markets at OMIE, EFET and Gas Markets at MIBGAS, SEDIGAS, EFET, CNMC, with a marked capacity for dialogue and establishing long-term relationships with different stakeholders.

Her engagement and leadership skills has been decisive in the implementation of the physical and financial regulation (EMIR, MAR and MIFIDII), as well as the participation in the M&A process of some companies, like the sale of E.ON to Macquarie and Wren House, as well as the sale of Viesgo to Repsol. And worthy of mention is the very remarkable achievement of the implementation and development of different Gas Units.

A committed professional with the ability to tackle any problem, very goal-oriented, with a forward thinking mindset and a strong commercial acumen maximizing strategies across value chain, resulting in an expanding market presence.

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